High-quality extracurricular sports courses develop pupils' physical strength and mental resilience.


International scientists have proved that children who play sport are not only healthier and stronger but also more likely to succeed academically. The world's top universities all recognise the importance of sport. Therefore, a rich exercise curriculum is essential.


Wycombe Abbey School Nanjing not only focuses on pupils' academic performance, but also pays great attention to building their character and skills, their perseverance and open-mindedness, their leadership and team working skills, as well as many other qualities that can be developed through sports.



WASNJ takes sports courses very seriously, offering our pupils the opportunity to participate in a whole variety of sports on a daily basis. We offer sports courses that few schools in China provide, including rugby, fencing, horse riding, golf, hockey and rowing.


WASNJ recruits first-class sports teachers and coaches, including professional athletes and members of national teams, to help pupils develop their physical fitness and skills for future life and career.