House & Tutor System
Pastoral Care House & Tutor System
House and Tutor System - Creating a Comprehensive Pastoral System

Wycombe Abbey School Nanjing focuses on each pupil's development. We combine the advantages of the headteacher system in Chinese schools and the house and tutor system of overseas schools, providing students with a pastoral care system which is comprehensive, multidimensional and personalised.


In Wycombe Abbey School Nanjing, each house has a housemaster or housemistress and several tutors, who will live together with the pupils, and who are in charge of classroom teaching and extracurricular activities. They pay close attention to pupils' progress in academic study as well as social skills.


Each pupil is part of a house and a tutor group, and each tutor takes charge of 8 to 10 pupils. Working closely with subject teachers, sport coaches and housemasters, tutors focus on the all-round development of pupils.


Tutors spend most time of the day with their pupils and pay attention to each individual child, including their academic study, their hobbies, their physical and social activities as well as other problems they encounter in life. They also explore the personal characteristics as well as talents of each pupil and help develop their potential to the full.


The house system offers children a platform for teamwork, interaction and competition, and also fosters their leadership skills, team spirit and sense of competition. Each house and tutor team is made up of pupils from different year groups, just like the "big families" and "small families" in WASNJ. Older pupils lead by example and take real responsibility as leaders, offering younger pupils advice and support and helping them improve their academic grades on the basis of their past experience; younger pupils learn from their new brothers and sisters, and gradually develop their own life goals.